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Our last full day in Bali :( It included a cooking class from Cafe Wayan, relaxation time around our villa, and then a trip down to Kuta so that we would have easy access to the airport in the wee hours of the morning.
Welcome drink at the Cafe Wayan cooking classIngredients ready for the student cooksPeanut sauce from scratch...and that means grinding the peanuts with a mortar and pestleCareful with those knives!Vegetarian curry simmeringStudents hard at work and taking notesFinished dishesConcluding with a delicious lunch!Now down to Kuta, near the airport...staging for our midnight departureRestaurant window in Kuta; suckling pig is a local specialtyTuban beachTuban beach...if you look closely at upper right, you can see the planes on the runwayPrivate dining on the beach (we did not)Someone else's private sunset meal

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