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These are photos from our four days in Chania, which we used as a base not only for the town, itself, but for other points in Western Crete. We did not tire of Chania's lovely harbor, pedestrian streets in the old center, and various street dogs and cats--particularly Lily (the dog) and Voula (cat) and her kitten, who live on the street on which we were staying.

Biggest tips for Chania: Get out early before the crowds arrive mid day. And go just a couple of blocks off the beaten path of the city center. Either way, you'll have the town practically to yourself.
Just an average morning on Agion DekaPerhaps the best place in Chania...this balcony at Hanim LoungeAnother look at that balcony, from belowLili resting in the streetA little walk out to the light houseGolden hour in the harbor

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