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The "classic" Inca Trail (there are variations) is 26 miles (45 km) long. Most traditional treks take four days and three nights, with arrival at Machu Picchu early on the fourth day.

Elevations range from about 8,000 feet to a high point of just under 14,000 feet at Warmiwañusqa (Dead Woman's Pass). The route also ascends to and descends from two other slightly lower passes. Much of the trek is on ancient stone paths, some of which are extremely steep.

Our trek, with Enigma Peru, followed this format...however, we walked farther than other groups on day one and day two, thereby having the first two nights' campsites all (or almost all) to our ourselves.

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It all starts here, at KM-marker 82Passports stamped at the entranceThen cross the bridge over the riverEarly on, we passed the train a few timesSome interesting flora......and fauna (including the "mule of shame" a couple of times...but this is not it)We all thought this early scenery was spectacular, but little did we know...Early on, the trail was a nice graded pathLater in the morning, we get our first glimpse of the Inca archeological site of LlactapataAnd then some time to exploreLlactapapaLlactapataWe're mostly climbing todayThe mountain scenery gets more dramaticMore interesting floraAnd fauna (not our lunch, but it might have been some other group's...)Our meal tent, set for our first lunchClimbing right after lunch isn't so easy...and now we're getting into the stone stepsFurther up into the mountains after lunchMore mountain scenery