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More time around our villa (who wouldn't want to??). A morning hike up Menoreh Hill, with views over the valley and some small farming communities at the top of the hill. An afternoon trip out to the 8th Century Hindu temple, Candi Selogriyo, about an hour north of our villa.
The day began with a surreal image of Borobudur emerging from the fogCoffee with a view (clouds have burned off now)Delicious soto (soup) for breakfastAlso some Javanese pancakesDucks at our villa poolSome more photos around the villaView of our villa from the TV roomPoolBedroomWood detailPost-breakfast hike up Menoreh HillThis way up the hillYou'll see some interesting wildlife in the tropicsGreat views over the valleyHomes we passed along the wayPosing, looking for handoutsTurmeric drying in the sunPano from the topAlso some refreshing coconut water at the topLocal kids who came running to greet us

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