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This was the final day of hiking, but also the longest, at 13+ miles to Sandfly Point. While the grade was mostly flat compared to the day before, we still had to navigate a lot of rocky footing and various fallen trees. The raindrops were at a minimum, but the sandflies were out in force--at the boat shed, where stopped for tea; at the falls near Giant's Gate where we stopped for lunch; and of course at the finish line at Sandfly Point.
Heading out on day fourLow clouds but no rain so farMuch of the path is in the rainforestSome of it, deep in the rainforestBoardwalks in some spots to get over the wet areasMackay falls, one of the most scenic on the trailLunch by the falls at Giant's GateView of the Arthur Valley from the latter part of the trailThe last part of the trail to be developed (in 1890) with dynamite and pick axesThe last mile marker--from here it felt like racing to the finish line of the Amazing RaceView towards Milford Sound from Sandfly PointThe W flag makes another appearance at the endMilford Sound and Mitre Peak: we've had worse views from a hotel room!Milford Sound and Mitre Peak, from the lodgeMilford SoundView from Mitre Peak LodgeCelebratory finish!

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