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We took a morning drive from Rovinj to Poreč, about an hour away. The main attraction in Poreč, and a very important one, is the 6th Century Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its breathtaking mosaics (but the rest of the basilica complex is also very interesting).
The afternoon was spent on a four-hour cruise from Rovinj up to and through the Limska Draga fjord. If you've been to Norway, well.... But it was nice to be out on the water for a few hours, and it provided some very nice views of Rovinj (which will be in a separate gallery).
PorečPoreč harborFishing nets on the sidewak, PorečRoman ruins of the forum at PorečKitty on the ruins, PorečMore ruinsAnother view of the old Roman forumSporting the colors!PorečEuphrasian Basilica, Euphrasian BasilicaView from the belltowerRed roofs, blue sea, green treesRooftops, from the belltowerBlue against redView from the belltowerOne more nice viewMuseum at Euphrasian BasilicaMuseum at Euphrasian BasilicaI have this thing about trying to take photos through windows...And about reflections in windows

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