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This was our “big” and not-so-easy hike to the Vajolet towers and Lago Antermoia:

The forecast projected this to be the best weather day, so up we went (Catinaccio lift again) at about 8 am. The path began with a rather level walk through a pine forest before changing to a gravel road up to Rifugio Vajolet/Preuss and then a mostly rocky and narrower path up to Rifugio Principe (lunch stop to eat our packed sandwiches). The most difficult part is from there up to Antermoia Pass and then down the other side into the valley around Lago Antermoia. Weather ranged from bright sun to short bursts of rain.

There are several ways to get back down into the valley from Rifugio Antermoia. We chose the “easier” but longer route to Rifugio Micheluzzi; however, we missed a turn somewhere and ended up on a somewhat harrowing trek down a steep, wet trail – all alone, I should add. Once at the bottom, we still had to hike several miles to the rifugio and, after a beer, were more than willing to spend the 8 euro per for a taxi ride back to Campitello. A rough ending, but a great hike, nonetheless. Total round trip was about 9 hours. The Fitbit registered 38K steps and 16.5 miles (not sure how accurate the latter is). Scenery was out of this world.

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