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Hilltown just off the motorway between Florence and Pisa.
Main road through town, from aboveMain road, near the school (we watched the kids come out and get on buses)Outside of Santuario del Crocifisso (17C chapel)Santuario del CrocifissoOn the steps of Santuario del CrocifissoInterior of Santuario del CrocifissoRooftop of the CathedralInside the cathedralInside the cathedralSteps down from Palazzo dei Vicari dell'Imperatore (now a hotel) into the Piazza della RepubblicaSpiazzo del Castello (castle esplanade--the castle is destroyed)View down from the esplanade on the eastern part of the townMore views (some like this, with weird camera angles)--the fog was still lifting when we visited

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