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This is a group of several other Angkor area temples where we stopped for shorter (but nice) visits.
East Mebon - the last temple we visitedEast Mebon - we were there just before sunsetEast Mebon - we had the entire temple to ourselves (very cool!)East Mebon - known for its large elephant statues at the cornersEast MebonTa Som - small temple near Preah KhanTa Som - largely unrestored; known for this sacred fig that has consumed the east gateTa SomPreah Neak Pean - small temple surrounded by a moat (you can only look across the moat)Preah Neak Pean - long boardwalk over the mangrove swamp to get therePrasat Kravan - small temple with five reddish brick towersPrasat KravanPrasat Kravan - partly restoredPrasat Kravan - inside one of the towersPrasat Kravan - reliefs carved in the brick are unusual in Khmer structuresPrasat KravanPrasat KravanPrasat Kravan

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