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One of the most amazing hikes we've done (it was a the top, now probably replaced by the Inca Trail): 14 kilometers from the top of the Dantercepies Lift (out of Selva), across the Altopiano del Puez, and then down into the Vallunga and back to Selva. More physically taxing than we thought, with a lot of climbing and then descending, but tremendously rewarding--with scenery that is out of this world. Not sure I've ever said "wow" that many times in one day.
See "Day 7" on the map (upper left)--green for the lift; red for the hiking partThe hike begins with a ride up the mountain from Selva on the Dantercepies liftThe ride goes over varied terrain--including a herd of cowsThe lift brings you almost to the Cir peaksOff the lift and on to the trailLangkofel in the distance, with early morning cloudsThe Sella from the trail above the Dantercepies liftLooking back at the Sella (left) and Langkofel (center)Just getting going on the trail; it gets much steeperLast real rest stop for hoursStarting up the mountainThe first of many climbsBase of the Cir peaks; we'll climb up and over this

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