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Created 23-May-08
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Two full days in Athens in late March 2008. One day was cloudy and rainy, and the other evolved into brilliant sunshine.

Over the course of two days, we visited the Acropolis (of course), which currently has major construction on the Parthenon and other structures; the National Archaeological Museum; the Temple of Olympian Zeus; the Roman Agora (where we huddled under a tree in the rain); the Ancient Agora (where we huddled in the Stoa of Attalos to get out of the rain); and Kerameikos, the ancient cemetery.

We also enjoyed cafes, people watching and window shopping in the Plaka.

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Changing of the guard--Parliament at Syntagma SquareView of the Acropolis from the roof of the Electra Palace HotelDetail on an Athens churchAncient AgoraTemple of Hephaestus, Ancient AgoraTemple of Hephaestus, Ancient AgoraModern art in AthensTemple of Olympian ZeusTemple of Olympian ZeusTemple of Olympian ZeusTemple of Olympian ZeusAnother Acropolis shot from the top of the Electra PalaceSandals for sale in the PlakaMore modern art in AthensErechtheion on the AcropolisAcropolisErechtheion on the AcropolisA bit of the Parthenon without scaffoldingAcropolis detail