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Day three was relatively short, as our destination was the campground near Winay Wayna--the last camping spot for all the groups (no private campground for us tonight). There was one more pass (Phuyupatamarka @ 3620 meters) to climb, and then it was mostly downhill. Along the way, we stopped at the ruins of Intipata, and after lunch we visited Winay Wayna.

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Today starts off in the clouds (at the top of the third pass)Hikers in the fogA tunnel! We encountered several of these on the trailPhuyupatamarca (in the fog)PhuyupatamarcaPhuyupatamarcaCloud forest vegetation...these are some tiny pink-tipped mushroomsMore long, steep staircases!IntipataIntipataIntipata...someone left a Canadian souvenir!Intipata...we had the site to ourselves, along with three llamaIntipataOur chance to get up close and personal with the llamaIntipataIntipataIntipataWiñay Wayna